Our Seal

Gualiname Tribal Seal and Symbolism

The Bird

Represents our guardian spirit and protector.

The Dancers

Represents our ceremonial mitote done in congregation and war.

The Flame

Represents our resilience with the terrain of the desert.

The Mountains

Represent the Guachichil’s unwavering stand during battles with the Spanish and native enemies.

The Spiral Lagoon

Represents the rhythm of life and the unity of ongoing generations.

The Outer Part of the Seal: Colors and Symbols

Red symbolizes the pigment of the desert and our guardian bird. It also acts as a blood tribute to our ancient ones.

Black colors are a tribute to ancient spirits since black was applied to the skin during funerals and grieving processes.

The red road on each symbol goes to our father/mother sun which illuminates the homes of our people, which are represented by triangles.