Photography by Isaac Moll

The Gualiname (Guayaname) Guachichil is a private chapter and cultural
group of the Guachichil nations. The community members live in various
U.S. states including: Texas, Wisconsin, Illinois, Alabama, and many more.

The sole purpose of our community is to preserve the Guachichil culture and
respectfully reconnect to our indigenous heritage while preserving the
remaining traditions and customs.

The Gualiname are also involved in advocacy for indigenous nonprofit organizations in Mexico and the United States. Indigenous unification and tribal alliances are also heavily promoted by the Gualiname Guachichil’s, since the times of the Chichimeca war when the Guachichil were the main initiators of tribal alliances to overthrow the Spanish invaders.

The community association, respect, equality, and safety are the core components that ensure the fidelity of our movement.

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