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The above artwork comes from the Autonomous University of Coahuila. This art was created as a project to highlight the local ancestral culture and preserve their memory. Visit their website to read all of the stories attached to each painting.

Around all these events, natural and supernatural, stories were told that have been passed from generation to generation, from family to family. Now is our opportunity to meet them, and to continue with the oral tradition so that the Concho Indians, the Coahuiltecos, the Tobosos, the Irritilas and the Guachichiles continue their journey through these desert places that we inhabit.” (Autonomous University of Coahuila)

This painting is from No Soy Artista Visual a Mexican artist and art teacher.

“ORIGINS–the story of a Huachichil touched by the breeze of a sun at night…symbols and colors were used to represent them…The Huachichil Indian represents the natives who offered the remains of their rivals to the gods in order to symbolize the productivity that can occur on earth with the wind in their favor…” (No Soy Artista Visual)