Traditional Instruments

Interested in learning more about the traditional instruments used by the Guachichil people? A new PDF document covering that topic is located in the Literature tab of this website’s menu.

Throughout the history of mankind, evidence has shown that music has been used to share familial traditions, stories, and cultural identities. To the native peoples of America, music and instruments have also played an integral role in things like sacred ceremonies, healing, and expression.

In the document, put together by Icualicui of the Gualiname, you will learn how turtle shells were used as a form of drum, about different types of natural materials used for rattles, and much more.

There are reference photos with each instrument description included in the document.

“Timbrels and hand drums were played by the Guachichil during festive events and community gatherings.”

The Literature section also has numerous other historical documents that tell about the Guachichil peoples.


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