Guachichil Chiefs

The following is a partial list of past Guachichil chiefs, put together by Gualiname member, Icualicui.

Zapaliname – Zapalinamé was the leader of the Huachichil tribe that along with other leaders such as Maquisaco, Maquemachichihuac and Cilavan fought against the Spaniard invasion in the 16th century in what now is the metropolitan area of Saltillo, Mexico.

Juan Tenso – Juan Tenso was one of the Guachichil chiefs that negotiated the peace settlement to end the Guachichil war. He was titled the “Captain-General of all Chichimecas with more than 500 warriors from various points”. Other chiefs included Miguel Caldera

Juan Escaname – Escaname was a Huachichil chief and leader alongside Tomaqui and Chanala who resided in the area of what is now Venado.

Gualiname – Guayaname was a fierce huachichil warrior who fought in the valley of San Luis Potosí, San Luis Potosí.

Xale – Xale was a well-known Huachichil chief who had one of the largest nations occupying the tunal grande and San Francisco valley; he was succeeded by a leader named Bartolmillo.

Moquamalto – Moquamalto was a Huachichil chief who waged a 50-year war with the Spanish, after the high death toll of his people during the war he made a peace agreement with the Miguel caldera for the lands of San Luis Potosí but instructed his people to not forget their traditions in the midst of their enemies.

Macolia – Macolia alongside Bartolmillo headed a large number of Guachichil’s in the San Francisco valley he was executed alongside Bartomillo by doctor sande in 1570 he was succeeded by his son Macolia II.

Bartolmillo – Bartolmillo was the successor of Xale and a close ally of Macolia they both fought off Spanish Soldiers in the San Francisco valley and were hanged in 1570 he was succeeded by Rayado (meaning stripe because of his body paint and scarring).

Anton Rayado – Anton Rayado was the successor of Bartolmillo after he was executed. Rayado got his name from being marked by Scars and Tattoos They came to say that nature itself had marked him with rays as a sign of leadership of the Guachichiles in their war to the death against the invader.

Martinillo – Martinillo was the leader of the most famous Guachichil tribe who had a reputation of doing the most damage to the spanish soldiers located in Bocas de maticoya. Other notable Guachichil chiefs are Machicab , Guazcalo, Moquimahal,Nacolaname, and Acuaname

Maxorro – Maxorro was a Guachichil leader who at a young age witnessed the mistreatment and brutality of his people at the hands of the Spanish he fought off soldiers looting the silver mines in the new municipality of Ojuelos de Jalisco.

Paqulaname – Paqulaname was a Commander and leader of the Huachichil tribe who participated in the Chichimeca war alongside Gumare leaders Quiatuiaya and Copuz the elder.

Majakuagy – Majakuagy is a believed Guachichil prophet who led the Guachichiles, Wixarika, tepehuan, and Cora into the sierras and also taught the cultivation of the peyote and pantheistic worship of the sun and fire.


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