A visit to san luis potosi

In this video, Juancholoa, a Gualiname chapter member discusses his visit to the Guachichil people of the state of San Luis Potosi, located in Mexico.

His visit coincided with the Guachichil Anniversary Celebration and Temazkal ceremony. The Temazkal ceremony involves participants sitting in a sweat lodge for health, therapeutic, and spiritual benefits. Ceremonies are typically led by a spiritual leader or shaman.

Other indigenous groups that also joined in the celebrations were the: Nahuas, Triqui, Totonacas, and Guamares.

Juancholoa documents his entire trip with photos and video footage that give a clear depiction of what it would be like to attend one of these celebrations.

A video from Juancholoa’s youtube channel “Indigenous Podcast” where he shares his experiences visiting SLP.
A message from Axolohua, a Guachichil elder, of San Luis Potosi.

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  1. I’ve recently discovered my Guachichil roots. My genealogy research and DNA goes directly to this region. I am happy to reconnect with my heritage lost centuries ago. Now I understand why I’ve always felt a connection with these desert lands, it’s my Guachichil roots. It’s a deeply engrained memory, centuries old, that still lives in my unconscious. I remembered how to prepare nopales without being taught. My hands just knew how to harvest and prepare the nopales, and the taste has always been too familiar. I now surround my house with nopales, and I feel at home. Now I understand, it’s my Guachichil memory.

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